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A Letter From CW:


I have always had a passion for design. Since I was young, I have known exactly what I wanted to do for a living. My family has been Homebuilders, General Contractors and Carpenters for many generations. I asked my Uncle how many generations our family has been in the construction industry and he told me that if I could research our family history back far enough, I would probably find that Noah hired us to build his Ark.

Growing up in a family of carpenter’s I eventually started my own crew and framed houses for several years. I did not gain my experience from college. I am not an Architect. I am a Professional Building Designer. Hands on experience is what taught me about how to build a good home. In 2005, I took that experience to the drafting board and have been living the dream ever since.

Look at our work and (if you think I am a good fit for you) let’s get started on the home you’ve been dreaming about!


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