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We have a three-step design process:

               Step 1: Design Concept Phase.

               During this phase, we will get to know more about you and what you are hoping for. In this meeting, we will discuss general items like your overall construction budget, how many Bedrooms and Baths you want, what style and how many square feet you require. This is only a generalization of the questions. There will be many more. I encourage you to open a (free) Houzz account and start perusing the thousands of photos on there. It will allow you to create folders (ie: exteriors, kitchen, front entry, etc.) Then, you can add us as a collaborator and we can see your ideas.

    You will also need to obtain a tree & topographic survey of your property. This will allow us to better understand the slope of the property and which trees we need to avoid.

    Once we have the necessary information in place, we can start working on the initial floor plans(s).

    Step 2: Design Schematic Phase.

    After you have reviewed the initial drawings and you have approved the overall initial design concept, we will start  “fine tuning” the overall design of your home.

In this phase, you will start seeing the overall exterior elevations, interior elevations, etc. We also generate 3D renderings of the interior and exterior of the house. The exterior images will be photorealistic “still” renderings However, we also give you photorealistic interior “panoramic” renderings as well. These renderings will allow you to explore the rooms of the house and see it as realistically as possible. We do this because we want you to develop as close to a complete understanding of the spaces as possible.

Step 3: Construction Drawings Phase.

    Once you have had ample time to completely immerse yourself in the drawings and 3D renderings and are completely satisfied with the overall design of the home, we can then move into the construction drawings phase.

In this phase, you will start to see (what I like to call) the “nuts and bolts” drawings. These will be the fully dimensioned floor plan(s), detail drawings, interior elevations, site plan, electrical plan(s), roof plan, building sections, etc. Basically, everything your builder will need in order to complete the construction of your new home.

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